Terms of Use for the seasonal rentals

This web site published by SEASONAL FLAT is currently available on the URL: http://seasonalflat.com.
Seasonal Flat SARL is registered with the RCS Nanterre 508 709 474 RCS (APE Code 6820). Headquarters is located 80 boulevard Camélinat 92240 Malakoff FRANCE.
Real estate furnished hereafter shall be exclusively rented seasonally, as a temporary residence and pleasure of the Lessee. As such, this location is excluded from the scope of the French Law No. 89-462 of 6 July 1989.

The apartments available art fully cleaned.
On each bed is provided:
• 1 set of sheets, each comprising a cover sheet, a duvet and a pillowcase
The apartments are all equipped with washing machines and vacuum cleaners. When the apartment allows it, it is also equipped with a dishwasher.
Option cleaning out:

This option must be notified no later than the keys from the owner.
This cleaning includes:
• The collection, washing and ironing of sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers and towels
• The passage of the vacuum throughout the apartment
• Cleaning up the soil
When the Internet package is included in the rent, this includes unlimited access to broadband Internet (ADSL).
The lessor shall not be liable for any temporary halt service due to the internet service provider or any other cause beyond its control (cable cut during work on the street or the building, ...).No refunds will be made for any failure of less than 7 consecutive days.Beyond this period the refund will be made in proportion to the time of the blackout on the package put together for the stay.
The liabilities are the real costs of housing in the meter readings made at the entrance and exit locations.Depending on the actual amount and the allowance paid the excess amount will be returned otherwise the addition will be on deposit.
For expenses are those not included in the rent to the consumption of electricity or gas.
The security deposit is paid to cover the damage that could be caused by the Lessee or any person under his responsibility, to the leased assets and furnishings therein, and the various charges and unpaid consumption elsewhere.This amount will be refunded to Lessee within eight days, net of objects replaced, costs of rehabilitation, the additional cleaning costs, the amount of consumption and other sums may be owed by the licensee.
It is stated that the furniture and furnishings must not suffer from the depreciation of the normal use for which they are intended, including curtains, wallpaper, carpet ... Those who are missing or damaged will be replaced or paid by the lessee with the agreement of the lessor.
Altogether the apartment must be returned in the condition it was in the arrival of the tenant in the premises.
Payment terms are as follows:
As a reservation for the rental period specified in the contract the customer will pay 30% of the rent.
WARNING this amount will remain permanently acquired by the lessor in respect of costs incurred in the event of termination of this lease contract before entering the premises and for what cause they are.
The deposit is paid when handing over the keys.
If payment of this amount the customer may be refused entry.
The security deposit to be returned at end of stay in the views above.
If a tenant representative from the customer during the stay (according to the dates defined above), and whatever his reasons, the sums paid shall be forfeited by the lessor, unless the security deposit and any balance of allowance for expenses that will be made at the end of the stay in the same conditions as other tenants of the apartment.
A part of the cleaning fee in proportion to the period of tenure if the option was purchased.
The apartment is rented for a fixed number of persons in the event of non compliance with the lease may be canceled without notice.
The lessee is required to check with an insurance company against the risks of theft, fire and water damage, both to the risk that rental furniture for furnishing the facility, and for neighbors and use to justify any request to the landlord first. Accordingly, it assumes no liability for the use that his insurance company might have against the lessee in the event of a disaster.
If, during the stay the lessor must intervene at the request of the customer (must request by mail) of companies to repair equipment damaged (clogged pipes, appliances damaged, broken glass, ...) and if n responsibility It is not because these interventions will be charged as follows:
• Travel expenses: € 150 (return)
• labor: € 70 per hour
• pieces to change: the cost of room
• Keys: 70 € if it can be duplicated or replacement cost of the lock by a lock of equivalent quality (price depending on the lock)
The occupation of the apartments will be made in compliance with the rules of good conduct minimum particularly in regard to relations with neighbors.All fines or penalties received under the intervention of police forces will be immediately reimbursed by the occupants of the apartment to society Seasonal Flat whether it's in advance.
Similarly, if the company Seasonal Flat, due to non-compliance of rules of conduct minimum by the occupants of the apartment must incur expenses or penalties from the owner of the housing are fully paid will be billed to the lessee and divided equally among all representatives.
In case of prosecution or lawsuit against the company Seasonal Flat for reasons associated with the tenure of the lessee it reserves the right to involve directly the question the representative of the customer without distinction.